Thursday, February 4, 2010

go look!

My marvelous assistant Premium T took some photos on the sly yesterday while she was packing the new line of work up to ship to the hotel (wanted to make some more refined ones after the Big Shipment went out). I'll have them photographed by the same photographer I used last year while I am in Philly, but you can see a preview by going to her blog today. They are VERY different from my other work, and we love them.

Countdown to departure continues. Still have to finish and ship some orders, make a catalog, finish up some small pieces I can carry with me, and a box of small pieces to ship to the hotel in Baltimore for the retail component of that show. Some errands and personal stuff to finish up (kitty care calendar, bathing suit purchase (hotel has hot tub & sauna!) and a small list of various and sundry tasks. We will be busy until the plane takes off, but it all fells manageable. For the first time EVER, I can say that.