Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm here!

I'm in New York. I'm with my friend Danielle. I feel like I'm home. Sounds strange, doesn't it? But New York feels like a home to me, and being here in Danielle & family's home also feels like home. It's lovely.

I got a new phone yesterday, and a new SIM card, as mine was apparently weird. Thank goodness for warranties! I bought the apple care plan too. the one extended warranty I ever buy. So now I'm good to go. And hey, I didn't lose all my contacts like the Philly tech had told me I would! Whew.

I went to Soho to the Apple store almost as soon as I arrived, and that felt like home too. I got to walk back in a gentle snow. And then have a feast here with the family.

I have a little cold so feel a bit blunted, but it won't keep me from going out into The City with Danielle today.

I love having different homes.

Reading Premium T's blog, I remember the waves are my home as well. And the high desert. And Puget Sound. And somehow those all feel more like home to me than where I actually live. Weird. Could just be the moment.

I'm going to start my day, sipping my espresso while watching the view down below of hundreds of yellow taxis zipping this way and that. The city's buzzing!

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  1. NYC! I LOVE that city. Enjoy this little break before the madness begins again! Say hi to Danielle for me.