Tuesday, February 16, 2010

next time, for sure...

The next time I do a traveling show (next year) I will fly in one day early to eliminate the anxiety of possibly not arriving at all. Plus it would be a wonderful day of rest and recovery from the PUSH to get ready, then the PUSH to set up, then the PUSH to do the show, then the PUSH to pack it all up again.

And It was brilliant of me to finally learn to stay an extra day & night after the show. I'll do THAT from now on as well. I wish I had planned it for this year after Baltimore (the next show), it will be brutal to get up the morning after tear-down and get on a train, then a plane to head home.

Brutal. But hell, I've been through worse, and I can certainly handle it!

I slept until noon today. Yep. Then laid in bed, drinking tea, tallying orders and arranging them by month.

Then surfed the internet, tried to order some folders, etc. on line to be delivered to my Baltimore hotel (to be really organized before Baltimore to see if I can even consider taking any more gallery orders). Then texted with my brother and suddenly my phone went out. After some research I walked to the local Apple distributor (not a real Apple Store, they don't have one here), but they couldn't help. It is probably a "serious problem" and I'll need to replace it. But it's on warranty still and I made an appointment for when I'm in New York tomorrow.

I was going to go work out, steam & sauna, and teased myself and my budget with the idea of a massage (in house spa here), but realized I was fighting a cold and decided to not put any additional stress on my body. It's almost a forgone conclusion that one gets sick after a big show. Talking with hundreds of people, shaking hands, air travel, nasty convention center air, exhaustion and stress. But I'm fighting it with all my magic potions and I arranged for late check-out tomorrow so I can sleep and rest until I have to leave to hop on a train for NYC.

And that is about all there is to say. This "show girl" is about to jammie-up, climb into bed, and watch something stupid (is there anything else?) on TV until I fall asleep.

Good night!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and taking pictures too! I'm amazed that you have the energy to do so. I've done meeting planning and special events like these and they do WEAR YOU OUT! But I'm very happy that you are getting so many orders. Is there a list somewhere of the galleries/shops that do carry your work? I'd like to mail order something since no one in the Dallas area carries your items. (yet!) Blessings as you get rest and get ready for Baltimore.

  2. Hi Annie, I suppose I should compile a list of who carries my work, and where. But alas, there is no time! Since there is nothing in your city, you could order something directly from me if you'd like. I'll have new photos up in the next month sometime.