Sunday, February 7, 2010

no no no no..

Repeat: There will NOT be big snow in Philly or Baltimore for my shows. No. Absolutely not. Did you hear me? NO! (Please?)

I get a little scared. The big snows, the airport closures.

It causes flashbacks and more than a small recurrence of PTSD.

A few years ago I was making that journey on a hail mary attempt to save my business (more stories than I can count that were devastating to my new business--911 (I was there), an enormous theft of my van and all inventory, and more..., that left me beyond broke) and I borrowed some money from friends to get to the wholesale show in Baltimore, having just been given a space off the waiting list. I knew getting wholesale orders was my only hope.

It was a frenzy to try to be ready in 2 weeks, but I did as well as I could. When I got on the plane I heaved a huge sigh of relief and settled in to doze. A bit after take-off, the captain announced that we would be landing in Chicago, as all airports on the east coast were closed. I had $300 in my purse, no credit cards (maxed from the other disasters), and stayed for 3 nights in a hotel across from Chuck-e-Cheese's. No money to eat (vending machines) and more anxiety than I can possibly describe. Picture fetal position on the bed. I didn't know whether to go home, or keep pressing forward. Decided that since I'd already spent the (enormous amount) of money, I might as well try to keep going.

I missed the first 2 days of the show. 4 feet of snow in Baltimore. Most gallery buyers couldn't get there either. I got in at midnight, went straight to the show, set up all night, "showered" in the sink... Some buyers made it for that last day and I actually wrote a few orders.

But it was really grim. It was one of the nails in the coffin that led to foreclosure and bankruptcy a couple years later. Thanks to a loan from a dear friend, I was able to stop the foreclosure, and it has taken years for me to build my strength and courage back.

Ok, so that's a kind of grim post. Those are some of the memories that get triggered by the current warnings of "big storms airports closed" I keep hearing. Friends calling asking me what I think about it.

Well. I think that damn snow better quit falling before I leave on Wednesday morning, that's what I think.

And the snowplows better be waiting in formation on the runways.

And once is more than enough.

So I'm trying to not watch the weather reports for now.

I have done my very best to prepare, and am still finishing up the details as impeccably as I can.

The weather?

It is out of my control.

But still, say a little prayer, ok?


  1. Wow, what a story! If you ever decide to not do what you do with your art (and I hope you don't) you can write a book. You have a gift with words. I am praying for your trip and IF the weather decides to do what it does best in winter (SNOW!) that you have the grace to handle it and that you are able to make up the "lost revenue" in another way! Blessings, Annie

  2. Thank you for your blessings and prayers, Annie