Tuesday, February 9, 2010

not looking so good

The blizzards are major.

I'll be going to the airport at my scheduled time in the morning. I plan to just stay there (bringing a book) until it opens or I get confirmed on the next available flight out.

I just read an alert on the show directors Facebook page (!) that said we would be allowed to set up all night long on Thursday, before the show opens Friday morning. That's a relief. I'll be exhausted from setting my booth up all night long, but I will survive, I've done it before. And it's worth it to keep this little endeavor on it's feet.

I was SO organized and prepared to have an easy, stress free set-up.

But mother nature has other plans.

"It's ok. No problem. I can handle it!" (that was the mantra I repeated over and over again during a particularly difficult year or two. The other one was "Go Dog Go!" (from the children's book). That one kept me going when I was way too tired or disheartened.

Just got home from yoga, and that helped too, as did my run this morning AND my nap.

So now I'm going to Go Dog Go, and get everything ready (only a few things left on my list) for things to work out perfectly.

What else?

Thanks for all your kind wishes. I appreciate them!


  1. Godspeed.
    Get some sleep. Take a book(or two) and a pillow with you to the airport.

    We love you.

  2. wir alle denken an dich, die ganze zeit.
    jetzt kann man nur noch loslassen und hoffen. du hast alles getan.
    love, eva