Wednesday, February 10, 2010

one step closer!

All flights cancelled when I checked this morning at 5.

I called.

I begged.

No flights available until Saturday (!!!).

I begged again.

Got a flight to Charlotte.

Went to airport at 6 am.

Ticket agent said it was a mistake. There is no flight to Charlotte. Never has been.

Just then someone said they were opening a "ferry" flight to passengers (formerly just taking a plane to Charlotte). They had already turned lots of people away.

I got on! I cried with relief. I hadn't realized just how anxious I had been.

I got on.

And not only that, it was nearly empty, so I got a whole row to myself.

I took a nice little blue pill, the attendant brought me a free shot of whiskey, and I laid myself down across all the seats and settled myself in for a nice sleep.


And now I am ensconced in a cheap room at the airport Quality Inn.

The Weather Station says it's still blizzarding in Philly, but I'm taking it one step at a time.

I have a confirmed flight to Philly at 7 am tomorrow.

Nature willing.

I contacted my crew, and all are on board to set up tomorrow afternoon.

One step at a time.

I plan to sleep a lot tonight, to stock up on rest in case I'm setting up all night tomorrow.

But I'm one step closer.

Keep the good thoughts coming!


  1. Oh good god. Insane. Mother Nature hath shown her wrath. Been thinking about you and these travails all day....

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