Friday, February 19, 2010

Soooo disappointed!

I'm here in New York. One of my very favorite cities in the world (that I've seen).

I'm getting to see my dear friend Danielle, who I rarely get to spend time with.

And I'm sick as a dog.

I leave tomorrow morning on a train for Baltimore. Heading into the second big show.

Being sick as a dog makes a hard show a whole lot harder.

I'm a trooper.

But not happy about it.


  1. I hate it when the body gets in the way of the heart and mind. Feel better.

  2. i'm so sorry about that and think of you all the time. gute besserung!

  3. Thank you ladies! I am one of those people who is a real baby about being sick. The body dominates everything, and I hate it.
    (Maggie May, I read your blog every day. I love it! Thank you for stopping by...).