Monday, February 8, 2010

stomach in a knot

I just talked with one member of the crew I hired to help me set up in Philly. She is snowed in, 30 inches on the ground and another 21 inches expected on Tuesday into Wednesday.

I'm due to fly Wednesday morning.

I'm feeling anxious, sick, and doing some pacing when I get up from the computer (where I am busy making my new catalog).

Doing everything I need to do to get there on Wednesday.

I guess I'll probably just get to the airport and hang out early Wednesday morning, so that I can be there the moment they open the airport in Philly and be one of the people getting on the first plane out. That's what I did in Chicago the last time this happened.

I comfort myself knowing I WILL get there eventually.

*I* have been impeccable in my preparations.

The work is the best I've ever presented.

I am utterly organized and on top of everything... MUCH more than ever before.

I have maintained a positive attitude.

But the weather, the weather...

It seems to have dropped the ball.

I spent $20k to do these shows (non-refundable) and a chunk of it was borrowed.

THAT is what makes the big ol' knot in my belly.

Keep saying those prayers, will you?

Now it's miracle time, for real.

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