Saturday, February 27, 2010

Too cheap to... another couple of day's Internet service here in the hotel, but not too cheap to spend ridiculous amounts of money on reastaurent meals every night. A girl has her priorities! So I am trying posting from my iPhone, I've been finding lot's of little reasons to justify the fact that I have one. Such as this, and using the compass when I lost my bearings coming up out of the metro in NYC, with no WTC to orient to.

Show slow, but totals above panic level so that's good. And I have good job security for the next year, and that is awesome.

Becky and I had sushi tonight after the show, and I am happily jammied up back at the hotel here for the night.

Last day tomorrow, then pack everything up again and ship it home.

Then one more night here, and I get to ship myself home.

If every moment were not so demanding I know I'd be excited.

But until I spend a couple days in my own home and allow myself to slow down, it all just seems like a string of things on the list to try to keep on top of.

Can you tell I'm getting more and more tired? It's all become a total blur.

I hope the last retail day tomorrow proves to be the best!

And the only appropriate thing to do just now is to wish you all a good night!

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