Tuesday, March 9, 2010

curve balls

Have you ever noticed that balls don't always land where you throw them?
I'm just sayin'.

And on another note, work is progressing. SO many orders to fill I am anxious to get my shipment back from Baltimore so that we can fill some orders with the surplus inventory shipped there. It will feel like we're rolling again! (and most important, that the money is rolling in THIS direction again... bills to pay!)

Actively looking for another helper, starting with word of mouth, but if that doesn't result in the right person very soon I will leap into the Craig's List storm. Every time I've posted a gig on Craig's List I've had at least 50-65 responses. It is rather overwhelming for me, although I've been quite fortunate each time.

And then there is that sad feeling that there are SO many people looking so hard for minimum-pay work, at least as a starting/training wage.

I feel full of gratefulness to have job security for the next year.

Very, very grateful.