Tuesday, March 23, 2010

finally, the new photos!

In no particular order, and without further adieu:
(as always, click on photo to view larger image).

One example of the new "Sunset Line." I love how the shadows read through the front to the back.

Another example of the sunset line.

These are not glued on, or painted on, or decals. They are actually transfered onto the glass. Intentionally rustic!

How could I not do crows and nests?

I'm in love with this series. Photo transfer technique again. I think was worth the struggle.

Some examples of the floral in the new "Rustic" Line. Photo transfer. One example of what I was struggling with so hard early this year.

Mysterious, foggy tree from the Delicate Line.

Some of the Damask in the Delicate Line

It's great to finally have photos of my newest work to show. I'm proud of it, and proud of myself for pushing through the very thick wall to get to some new work for the year. And very, very grateful that it was well received at the shows.

PS. the photos are all taken as I walked around my neighborhood, the photos were done by Karl Seifert in Philadelphia, who did my photos last year too!



  1. OMG! Gorgeous, I love every single one, the birds and trees my favorite.

  2. Beautiful work, Mel. Just love the floral rustic glass. May have to get a piece or two of that for myself. Just lovely...keep up the great work. No wonder you had so many orders!

  3. Thank you so much! This year it was such a struggle getting through to them, but also such a joy. the creative process is a real trip!

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  5. Oh Mel, what wonderful designs; I couldn't say which one I like best... they're all absolutely awsome.
    Cheers, Eva (just back from Sicily and checking your blog, now with mouth open...)

  6. Wow! I'm very impressed with your work. If they're not glued on, how is it done? I don't mean give away all your secrets, lol, just curious as how it can be infused onto the glass. Very pretty and hope you have more to show in the future.

  7. Eva: xoxoxo

    Mary: Thanks! The photos get onto (not into) the glass by transfer onto a wet medium on the glass, then when it is dry I remove the paper and the photo ink remains in the medium, permanently on the glass.