Monday, March 1, 2010

planes, trains and automobiles

I had to get another chunk of internet time after all, to handle a (hopefully!) last shipping near catastrophe. But it's handled, and now the shipment is on it's way home.

Soon this sack of cells some would call Melinda will be home too.

The schedule for the day:

1: workout on fitness center treadmill for 30 minutes to purge some of the stress hormones.

2: pack

3: taxi to train station

4: train to Philly

5: taxi to airport

6: fly to Seattle

7. B comes to pick me up

8. I hug my kitty

9. my kitty scratches and bites me

10. I take enough of a dose to keep me asleep for at least 10 hours.

11. I do absolutely nothing the entire next day that I am not in the mood for.

12. The day after, I climb back on the horse--already have a sandblasting reservation.

And so the year will begin again.

Off now, to finish the list for today!