Saturday, March 6, 2010

snippets and bits


Yes, I am still relishing that fact.

I have stories I've been wanting to tell, they are fading fast.

So I will post a few random photos from the end of the trip(s) and see if I can remember what I wanted to tell about them.

I'd have more photos and more stories if, on the last day of the last show my camera had not acted all princess-y and told me it's poor little barely used battery was "exhausted".

I was more than a little derisive about it's complaint and refusal to keep on trucking, to metaphorically hold the back of it's hand against it's forehead and faint away--when I'D BEEN ACTUALLY WORKING BEYOND ANY REALISTIC LIMIT OF EXHAUSTION and IT had been riding along in my bag snapping a quick shot a couple times here or there.

Taking things a little personally? Projecting a bit onto an inanimate object? Hell no!

But now, in no particular order:

This was my booth neighbor at the Baltimore show. His name is Dale Rogers, he is a sculptor, and one of the very nicest, most adorable, most fun guys a girl could have as her booth neighbor. During shows our booth-neighbors become like family. A quick intimacy of shared days, hopes, struggles, hard work. When we see each other again someplace "down the road" we will hug and greet each other like long lost friends. That's just how it is in this life.

What is the deal with the housecleaning staff always pointing the toilet paper in my hotel rooms every day? When rooming with others, it always seems a bit like winning a prize when I get to be the one to "use the point". I must admit the points sort of delight me, but still... what's the deal? (or the point, more to the point...).

I called these two the goofy girls. My cousin from Idaho and her friend Beverly (who lives in Baltimore). They both came to help tear down on the last day. We went to my hotel lounge for drinks and a bite after. They are a pair of total goofs when they are together, and I think proximity increases it exponentially. What a pair, they never stopped laughing! It all seems like a memory of a dream or a movie, I was seeing and hearing them from the blur of exhaustion.

Cousins. Exhausted me and Miss Rebecca.

Exhausted me. showing off that I can do a sort of tree pose AFTER a martini, holding another in my hand.
HA! Take THAT, oh poor "exhausted" phone battery. Hrrumpf.

And last:

The next morning I took a train from Baltimore to Philly to catch my flight home (HOME!) and this is a shot from the taxi ride from train station to airport. This guy was a hoot. He never, not once, quit talking. About the details (details, I tell you!) of his last vacation with his wife.

"..and we stayed in the condo, it had wood floors and a balcony, and you had to walk down 3 steps, they were wooden steps you know? and then we could take our umbrellas, they had a place we could leave them, oh and a shower to rinse off, right at those steps, the 3 wooden ones, and we always eat at buffets, there is nothing better, we tried Applebees one time but they told me I couldn't have any bread or rolls because they didn't have any but then my wife got some garlic bread with her dinner and you know for that money I could have had anything I wanted at a buffet, I mean they've got ham and chicken (fixed you know, either roasted or fried, and lots of anything you could ever want and even prime rib or fish if you eat it and you can always have your rolls with your dinner and you can have everything you want and I don't see why anyone would want to eat anywhere else, so when we would leave our condo and go down those 3 wooden steps we only had to walk to the right about 5 minutes to get to one buffet and then if we wanted a different one, we just walked about 10 minutes, well actually it was more like 7 minutes further and they had even better choices..."

When I got to the Philly airport I had a lot of time to wait so I walked up and down all the different terminals checking it all out, scoping out where I wanted to eat before my flight. I ended up getting my nails done and painted a deep red (Ha! the polish has lasted all of 3 days, but it was fun) and eating sushi. Love that. Then got crammed into a full plane, plugged in my tunes, and managed to doze a bit until arriving HOME!

Since then it's been a full day of naps (each and every activity required a nap to recover..), a total love-fest with my kitty, and going through re-entry transition. I now have to figure out how in the world we are going to fill all the gallery orders I wrote while at the shows. This week I will have to brave my trepidation and post an ad on Craig's List for an additional assistant.

NOT a bad problem to have!

So here I am again, back to the daily life of making a living as an artist sort of person.

And did I mention I'm glad to be home?