Saturday, March 20, 2010

was it really over a week ago?

So last week (or sometime in what feels like the distant past) I got my shipment back from the east coast. I paid one of T.'s sons to help schlep the work into the house, while putting the show gear into the shed.

Well, as you can see we had a tower of boxes filling the living room, and by the end the tower nearly reached the ceiling.

An old friend I haven't seen for at least 8 years called and wanted to come visit that evening.

I suggested a restaurant instead.

He suggested meeting me here at the house, as the restaurant is in the neighborhood and we could walk together.

It seemed very odd for me to tell him I didn't want him to come to the house, as he had spent much time here in the past.

So I warned him.

Even so, when he walked in he kind of gulped and said "I really like seeing people's work spaces."

Oh dear. Reputation ruined forever.

During the process of unpacking my kitty was in absolute bliss. There is NOTHING he loves more than plastic bags full of packing peanuts. Actually anything resembling a plastic bag. Apparently kitties can have their kinks as well.He likes boxes too, but they fall short of absolute over-the-top love.

He climbs inside them and just sits.


  1. Well, I especially like that you've immortalized on the internet my red floral lunchbag with its Akmak box poking out.

  2. Our cat Oscar (now 20 year old!) used to love playing with any kind of tarp (preferably blue) I had laying around. All you had to do was lift the tarp up and shake it out in front of you. As it slowly wafted down to the floor, Oscar would eagerly run under it and just sit. I'd just leave the tarp on top of him and there he'd be for hours, just a motionless lump under a blue tarp. Something about the crackly noise a tarp makes really floated his boat.

  3. that's so funny Laurie! Kitties have their own loves, it is clear. I dunno what it is about plastic, tarps, and what about the rubber-band thing?
    But then, they probably wonder about us too.