Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am quite certain that music is the highest art.


Maybe it's just me, but music has the power from the first moment it bursts into my brain to pick me up and throw me around.

Sometimes it grabs me by my sex.

Sometimes my heart wants to burst.

Sometimes it takes my muscles for it's own.

And sometimes it crawls it's little tentacles into the deep reaches of my brain and massages places I hadn't known existed.

Often I feel it grow so big in me that I would happily burst my skin open if it wanted to get even bigger.

With extended immersion (having played a particular and fairly obscure african music for many years) it changed, utterly, the way my brain works.

It continues to be an absolute mystery how a string of sounds can have such powerful and various effects.

I don't know if others experience music like this, or if perhaps music is simply a pleasant sound for many.

I wonder.

Probably it is something different for every set of ears.

I'm grateful for it's power on me.


  1. I love reading your blog. You're a true artist -- also in writing and in mediating (or is imparting the right word here?), and in letting other forms of art develop to their fullest potential in your perception and subsequently transforming your sensual input into something very beautiful for all the world to delight in. Thank you!

  2. yes, I agree, music definitely transforms and transports me like nothing else, such a strong physical reaction from a group of sounds!

  3. Eva: Thank you my dear. Knowing that you are reading from so far away makes me feel a little more in touch. Now maybe YOU should start a blog? (I know, unlikely!) love, m

    handandpirit: Thank you! It's really a wonder isn't it? What music can do to us?


  5. YES! And another one...