Wednesday, May 12, 2010

picture my weekend...

No really, you can picture it! (click if you want to see larger).
My not-son and I went skiing/boarding at Mt. Hood. I am SOOOO glad I've been skiing and doing yoga the past 10 months. My legs actually out-lasted his!

Although I don't do any crazy stuff like jumping off ledges or skiing through trees...

But I do help him get ready for the prom when he can't quite figure out where cufflinks go:

and this is how a country boy gets to the prom (not):

the next morning he cut tons of rhubarb for me:

and then I sat in the sun and cut it up. I love sitting in the sun doing things like that. I made rhubarb sauce. Tons. Anyone want some? Really. I have tons.

and I collected eggs from Brenda. All the Brenda's. All the chickens are named Brenda. For some reason. One finished...

...and time for the next:

and I helped take care of the little duckings, being raised to eat the bugs in the garden. They get a nice swim in the sink every day too...

and there is a whole new crop of Brenda's coming along too!

Cooper is definitely a "go-see-do" dog:

and then I bounced on a trampoline. If I had a trampoline, I'd bounce all the time. It feels so good!

and then he and Cooper showed me how it should be done, with flips and all. I'll just stick with the bouncing, thank you very much!

And then, with more reluctance than I had anticipated, and some tears, I had to leave that lovely nest (well, I'd taken all the eggs anyway):

I had to come home.
I anticipated feeling frantic from not spending the weekend working, but I actually felt delightfully refreshed. Maybe a sign that I should start doing a few things besides working? Hmmmm....

Friday, May 7, 2010

and the week has FLOWN by!

I can't believe it is Friday already. Wasn't it just Friday yesterday?

I am unplugging a bit from work, believe it or not.

Last night I volunteered for the annual fundraiser for Arts Corps, and I am delighted to report they did very well. It is an incredible non-profit that supports arts education programs for under-served kids. Amazing and inspiring.

And today I am unplugging further: I am driving to Oregon to spend the weekend with my "not-son." I get the opportunity to get him all decked out in his tux for the prom, drive him and his date to dinner, then pick them up & drive them to the prom, then pick them up again after and drive the date home, and then drive the two of us home. Yes, it will be a bit tiring, but how fun!

I am packing toothpicks to prop my eyes open.

The tiring part will be primarily caused by the fact that he & I are planning to ski all day tomorrow before the prom. I haven't skied in at least 3 years, maybe 4? And it is one of those things I passionately love, love, love to do. I am so glad for all the yoga and running I've done in the past months, I have some confidence my body will be able to handle it.

But I still suspect I'll be asleep on the couch waiting for the call at the end of the prom to go pick them up.

And yes, I AM bringing some work with me. You didn't think I would actually NOT WORK for 3 days, did you?

Now: gotta pack, go for my run, and head on out.

Off I go!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

my hard-working crew

I took photos yesterday of my crew, hard at work.
(click to see photos larger)

Here are Rachel (new addition to the team) and T. hard at work at the table:

And Rachel down in the studio dremeling off stubborn bits of enamel left after sandblasting:

She brought me lily of the valley from her yard:

and Leslie, my wonderful, brand new, super organized and responsible bookkeeper, getting the chaos of piles of paper properly corralled and digitized in the office:

And then.
I was surfing some blogs last night before bed and came across The Truth about my team on Premium T.'s blog.
Click HERE to see the Truth about my crew.
When the cat's away...
Oh yeah, some heads will be rolling.