Saturday, May 1, 2010

my hard-working crew

I took photos yesterday of my crew, hard at work.
(click to see photos larger)

Here are Rachel (new addition to the team) and T. hard at work at the table:

And Rachel down in the studio dremeling off stubborn bits of enamel left after sandblasting:

She brought me lily of the valley from her yard:

and Leslie, my wonderful, brand new, super organized and responsible bookkeeper, getting the chaos of piles of paper properly corralled and digitized in the office:

And then.
I was surfing some blogs last night before bed and came across The Truth about my team on Premium T.'s blog.
Click HERE to see the Truth about my crew.
When the cat's away...
Oh yeah, some heads will be rolling.


  1. Cute, cute blog! I'm glad I stumbled upon it :)


  2. Welcome, Silver Strands, and thank you! (I have a whole headful of silver strands, some of which I "decorate...")

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