Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Birthday!

So, I came home from sandblasting and walked into the house where "you say it's your BIRTHDAY" was blasting, and T., Connie, and Rachel were all dancing and singing along to me. We danced the whole song (it's a long song, I'm pretending I burned all the calories I ate...) and had a magnificent cake (that I ate the most of...) and plum wine (well, I had a lot of that too) and kale salad and polenta (ditto and ditto) and presents and then I got to work the rest of the day surrounded by flowers. Here's the video that Rachel made, for proof. It was awesome!

And here are some stills:
Connie, T. and me

Birthday table:

And Rachel (doing all the filming during the dancing, but she was shakin' it too) and me:

What an awesome crew I get to hang out with every day, eh?
(but I must say, I'm a little nervous that T. might have "the real story" posted on her blog. There is a reason for that. The last time I posted photos of them THIS is what happened.

And yes, I know. I've been gone from here. I dunno why, I just didn't get around to writing. So much to do? Well, that's my excuse anyway. But I'll be better. I promise.

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  1. The Real Story is still in post-editing. Watch for coming attractions!