Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Once, when I was in middle school, some kids told me I was gullible. And I believed them.

No really, that's a true story. And I didn't get the joke until a number of years later. Perhaps when I learned what the word meant.

At any rate, today as a part of my post-show recovery efforts (I'll post stories about the show in the next day or two, I'm still recovering) I was doing stuff that had been set aside in the frenzy. Paying bills, ordering a replacement toilet (on AMAZON, of all things...) and trying to deal with my printer that quit printing a couple weeks ago. It is quite new, so I went onto the Canon website to log into technical support. The Canon support site offered a choice of what I'd be willing to pay for on-line tech.support. What? Well duh. $18 seems better than $36 or $56. Why would I choose to pay more for the same thing?

We joked a little that I'd get a second-grader for $18, a 15yo for $36 and maybe a high school guy for the big bucks...

And the following is a partial transcript of the exchange. Before the guy suddenly "went offline":
Robert Preston says:
3:47 PM
3:47 PM

If the error is still there, then there's something in the machine still you aren't seeing.

Unplug it completely from all cables

Lift it up, turn it upside down and shake it a bit to see if anything comes loose.

Check the rear access and front access using a flashlight to look for any tiny paper scraps or anything else that could be hard to see.

Try forcing a very thick piece of paper into the rollers to see if it dislodges anything.

Finally try using a dampened lint free cloth to clean the rollers in the printer.

See if that works... if not, most likely you damaged the feed roller while removing the jam and it's either loose or would have to be replaced to fix the problem.

Melinda says:
3:51 PM
Well, I did as you suggested and several pieces of the printer fell out and I have no idea where they fit.
3:51 PM
We are laughing here.
Robert Preston says:
3:53 PM
Wow. They fell out?
3:53 PM
Is it a roller?
3:53 PM
If so, that would explain why the paper kept jamming...
Melinda says:
3:56 PM
Well, no. It's 3 pieces, at least one or two of them go with the back feed tray, but I can't tell exactly how it goes back, although given time I could probably make some headway...

And then I got a message that Robert Preston was offline, and someone else would be with me promptly.
Yeah, right.
I couldn't figure out how to get my money back.

I decided it was cheaper to simply order a new printer.

And I am buying the same one again, simply because I have a drawer full of ink cartridges for that printer and they cost a gazzillion times more than the printer itself.

I'm wondering about that gullibility thing.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

waiting for paint to dry..

..and then I can go to bed.

I am exhausted.

That's normal, before a show.

Especially when we kept shipping out the work we made for the show, because galleries were "desperate".

That's a good thing.

My amazing crew makes me feel and believe in the world as a place of love, kindness, community.. and many more warm and full things that I am too tired to articulate just now.

The truck is packed.

Set-up at 8 am.

I will tell stories of the past few amazing days after the show.

But for now: I'm calling the paint dry and going to bed.

After all, I AM the boss...

And I should be able to tell the paint when it should be dry, no?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


4 days until show opens.

Today and half of tomorrow to finish production.

I'm working like a machine, with the human frailty of exhaustion.

All helpers are working really hard and well.

Beautiful work is being made.

Come to the Bellevue Arts Festival this weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

6 days

I'm already tired.

6 days until we pack the truck, and so much to still get done.

It WILL happen.

We will just get done what we can get done.

And that will be good.

Monday, July 12, 2010

10 days

the countdown is ON!

The Bellevue show has to be set up in 11 days.

Available inventory is, shall we say, a bit sparse?

But we have 10 days.

Extra help is coming in, I am resigned to doing nothing else between now and then.

Well, a bit of exercise must be done for the sake of stress management.

And then I have a hair appt. for the first time in 7 months.

And I DO have to sleep.

But the only way to unwind the tightening knot in my gut is to "go dog go" and work.

It will be done, and it will be done well, and the work will be gorgeous.

We always pull it off.

It's just... thinking about it is a bit overwhelming.

So I'll quit thinking, and simply...

Go dog go!

Friday, July 9, 2010

today, in studio hijinx

What follows is a perfect plethora of profoundly poignant and private pictures of my peculiar and professional producers of pointillist products (presented and performed in positively no particular order, but perhaps they should have been) (And T. is personally to blame for the preponderance of P's in the previous proclamations):
Rachel and T, squaring off over who gets to tape the next box:

They packed for most of the 92 degree day, so some odd fashion sense should be excused, no?

I really think I deserve better drugs in order to actually live in such disarray. At least there is gin!

I've been bragging about my gaspacho for so long it was a little unnerving to finally present it, but everyone agreed it's the bomb:

It's hot for us these days here in Seattle. And we are all middle aged women. Do the math. I have 6 fans in my living room/factory. And my personal fan (that gets turned on and off at odd moments throughout days even when it is cold) was adorned (by Rachel, the minx) such that it sticks it's tongue out at me on a regular basis. Do you think that means something?

We have to get a large piece ready for the auction at the Tacoma Glass Museum. After a full day of packing Rachel told T. to get it away from her as she couldn't be trusted not to throw it inadvertently to the floor. So T. complied:

After a full (hot) day of packing and shipping and painting and dotting and taping and polishing and being served GASPACHO and DRINKS by the BOSS we had a little toast of cukukuktinis. Hey, the job might not pay a lot, but I don't think anyone can complain about the perks!

On one of the liquor boxes we packed glass in for shipping today the following was printed. I'm thinking I should display it in my booth, eh?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Probably an unconscious avoidance thing, but I had neglected to flip the wall calendar from June to July. Yesterday my assistant did the deed while I wasn't looking and informed me that there are only 2 weeks left before The Bellevue Show. My only public retail show of the year. Usually a big one, and very important for cash flow.


We are also getting re-orders almost daily. And they all come with plea's for immediate attention--"we are almost out of your work, we really need some more right away!"

It's awesome, and daunting. And wonderful, validating, and reassuring that I still have a job. And that I have work for my mischievous and magnificent helpers.

I tell myself that we've always pulled it off before, we'll do it again.

And there is no time to really figure out how, just time to do, and do, and do...

Production is going better than ever, no small credit to T., who is doing a magnificent job of managing all the production.

I'm cranking it a up few notches, at the expense of my time to exercise. But I refuse to let it all go, I need it. Just for now, it won't be every day. I figure if I get myself up and working a bit earlier I can fit it in. At least a bit.

And forget the idea of a social life for now. Rachel (our newest mischievous bad influence around here, who also does damn fine work) led me astray after work last Friday with martini(s) and a silly walk about the neighborhood. And I credit her with the resultant worthless next day. In other words, not only did I miss Friday night work but much of Saturday was, shall we say, inefficient? Why does a good martini (and fun giggles) beg for a second?.

So that was IT for the socializing for the next couple weeks.

It's me and the grindstone from here on out.
And my nose will be very well exfoliated.