Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Once, when I was in middle school, some kids told me I was gullible. And I believed them.

No really, that's a true story. And I didn't get the joke until a number of years later. Perhaps when I learned what the word meant.

At any rate, today as a part of my post-show recovery efforts (I'll post stories about the show in the next day or two, I'm still recovering) I was doing stuff that had been set aside in the frenzy. Paying bills, ordering a replacement toilet (on AMAZON, of all things...) and trying to deal with my printer that quit printing a couple weeks ago. It is quite new, so I went onto the Canon website to log into technical support. The Canon support site offered a choice of what I'd be willing to pay for on-line tech.support. What? Well duh. $18 seems better than $36 or $56. Why would I choose to pay more for the same thing?

We joked a little that I'd get a second-grader for $18, a 15yo for $36 and maybe a high school guy for the big bucks...

And the following is a partial transcript of the exchange. Before the guy suddenly "went offline":
Robert Preston says:
3:47 PM
3:47 PM

If the error is still there, then there's something in the machine still you aren't seeing.

Unplug it completely from all cables

Lift it up, turn it upside down and shake it a bit to see if anything comes loose.

Check the rear access and front access using a flashlight to look for any tiny paper scraps or anything else that could be hard to see.

Try forcing a very thick piece of paper into the rollers to see if it dislodges anything.

Finally try using a dampened lint free cloth to clean the rollers in the printer.

See if that works... if not, most likely you damaged the feed roller while removing the jam and it's either loose or would have to be replaced to fix the problem.

Melinda says:
3:51 PM
Well, I did as you suggested and several pieces of the printer fell out and I have no idea where they fit.
3:51 PM
We are laughing here.
Robert Preston says:
3:53 PM
Wow. They fell out?
3:53 PM
Is it a roller?
3:53 PM
If so, that would explain why the paper kept jamming...
Melinda says:
3:56 PM
Well, no. It's 3 pieces, at least one or two of them go with the back feed tray, but I can't tell exactly how it goes back, although given time I could probably make some headway...

And then I got a message that Robert Preston was offline, and someone else would be with me promptly.
Yeah, right.
I couldn't figure out how to get my money back.

I decided it was cheaper to simply order a new printer.

And I am buying the same one again, simply because I have a drawer full of ink cartridges for that printer and they cost a gazzillion times more than the printer itself.

I'm wondering about that gullibility thing.

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