Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Probably an unconscious avoidance thing, but I had neglected to flip the wall calendar from June to July. Yesterday my assistant did the deed while I wasn't looking and informed me that there are only 2 weeks left before The Bellevue Show. My only public retail show of the year. Usually a big one, and very important for cash flow.


We are also getting re-orders almost daily. And they all come with plea's for immediate attention--"we are almost out of your work, we really need some more right away!"

It's awesome, and daunting. And wonderful, validating, and reassuring that I still have a job. And that I have work for my mischievous and magnificent helpers.

I tell myself that we've always pulled it off before, we'll do it again.

And there is no time to really figure out how, just time to do, and do, and do...

Production is going better than ever, no small credit to T., who is doing a magnificent job of managing all the production.

I'm cranking it a up few notches, at the expense of my time to exercise. But I refuse to let it all go, I need it. Just for now, it won't be every day. I figure if I get myself up and working a bit earlier I can fit it in. At least a bit.

And forget the idea of a social life for now. Rachel (our newest mischievous bad influence around here, who also does damn fine work) led me astray after work last Friday with martini(s) and a silly walk about the neighborhood. And I credit her with the resultant worthless next day. In other words, not only did I miss Friday night work but much of Saturday was, shall we say, inefficient? Why does a good martini (and fun giggles) beg for a second?.

So that was IT for the socializing for the next couple weeks.

It's me and the grindstone from here on out.
And my nose will be very well exfoliated.