Thursday, January 13, 2011

and still,

more of the same.

I'm working!

Who would have thought that working (while not boring) would be so boring when I try to talk about it?

It's full of details right now. Just details.

The boring stuff that doesn't matter, and yet matters ever so much to the end product.

There's the glance or a glimmer, an idea, the percolating, the considering, the more considering, the pondering, the letting go and letting it be, the wondering if there is something to be,

(and more of that sort of thing)

And then there are the experiments.

They are FULL of details.

Techniques, trial and error, ups and downs, yes's and no's, many, many maybe's,

second and third and sixty-fifth thoughts.

And of course the "technical difficulties" of a computer that is not up to the task, and losing 2 weeks of time in an attempt to avoid the unavoidable expense.

No to mention (although I will certainly mention it), I am burning through materials (ie. money) as if they cost nothing. Hanging back, not wanting to waste the precious, expensive stuff. But the experiments must happen, the tests, the re-tests. Cost be damned! It's really the only way...


But I like it.

I love it, actually.

It's not "fun" in the way one usually thinks of fun.

But it is engaging; like solving a puzzle or climbing in a cave or, well, digging a ditch.

But there's not much to talk about.

My kitty is sick, second visit to the vet. today, more antibiotics. He's young and sturdy and I think he'll be fine, but I'm sorry for him. He's doing nothing but sleeping and I'm actually missing him munching on my ankles and trying to take me down like a football player. I never thought I'd say that.

It's interesting.

I have more to say about the creative process when I'm not in the middle of it.

I wonder what that means?

So again, good night!

OH! and by the way, a wonderful writer & blogger featured my work on her blog today. If you read her blog I think you'll find her thoughtful, perceptive, and very articulate. She is a new discovery for me, go treat yourselves!

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