Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's been frustrating.

I cried last night from the sadness of having lost a week of my precious retreat time to the nonsense of computer issues.

The sprained ankle was a mere inconvenience.

This time is so rare and precious (not to mention my business depends on it) that I felt real grief losing a chunk of it.

But things happen as they will. It's our job to surf the waves, eh?

But now, finally I'm on the (REAL, ha!) roller coaster!

It's a ride.

Excitement! What I'm doing is working! It's gorgeous! I'm so happy!

Oh. It isn't very good at all. It doesn't look anything like I imagined. It looks like Walmart.

Well, ok. Every year it's like this, and you always manage to journey through the tunnel into something new and good, so dig in, and keep going.

And that's where I am right now.


And the best way, now, at midnight, is to go to sleep and look with fresh eyes in the morning.

Good night!

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