Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For some reason,

I can't even remember today!

I know I spent time at Kinkos, finding out that they won't let me make transparencies anymore because some other customer caused expensive damage to one of their copiers doing that. And they won't even do it for me on their behind-the-counter machines.


What I'm doing right now depends on good, dense black transparencies. And I need them to be at least 8.5x14 inches, which doesn't work on my current printer.

Researching printers. They aren't terribly expensive (certainly compared to the order I just placed with Dick Blick, which should earn me free shipping for life).

And then there's Photoshop. I'm actually getting better at it every day but there is SOOO much to learn, and why-oh-why did I not start learning this before I NEEDED it for this process??? (oh, right, because I was busy filling orders... never mind).

I felt all manic-racing-nothing-was-happening-fast-enough-for-me all day.

Oh yeah, I also placed orders for new materials, samples, and for stuff I'd run out of and need for The Show. That took quite a bit of time too. Not to mention money.

And still, didn't go running. My sprained ankle is becoming (if I'm being honest) a poor excuse.

Can I use you to be accountable here? For tomorrow? Either running or yoga, or both, if I want to feel a whole lot better.


I'll report in tomorrow.

And the best thing of all, by far: a very dear friend agreed to lend me the money to do The Show. I tried so hard to have enough set aside this year to do it without being in debt when I get back but alas, not this year. That disappointment pales in comparison with the anxiety that was growing in my belly about affording everything though. The Show is VERY expensive for someone with a lot to ship from the west coast. It's expensive anyway, but add on $5500 shipping... Well, you get my point. I hadn't realized that I had stopped breathing a few days ago from my financial worries. I've been breathing again this evening! Thank you so much, and you know who you are. xoxoxo.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let... (oh, we won't talk about them as they seem to be gaining power in the world and I don't want them to think they are welcome here...)

So, just sleep tight!


  1. I found my way here from Premium T. Your work is far beyond "pretty things," though they certainly are that. More like breathtaking. Wishing you success at The Show.

  2. Marylinn, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, and of course, your enthusiastic appreciation of my work! I just had a glance at your blog and will be adding it to my list to peruse as well. It looks great! (don't you love this strange virtual world in which we get to make such connections while in the "real" world, there is little time...)?

  3. Showing up in pajamas makes the process simpler, but it is much more than that...

  4. I read "behind-the-counter machines" as "bend over the counter machines". Hmmm....I think you went to "Kinky's", not Kinkos. (Can you hear me laughing here??!! I'm seem to be suffering not only from Interpretive Hearing but also from Impaired Interpretive Vision.)

  5. T., I am totally cracking up! (I wondered what that sound coming from the east was, now I know...) I think you just miss being here so much that you are developing sensory adaptation skills, like that article you sent me from the NYT. Actually, I DID first mistype it (to Kinky's) and was quite relieved I discovered it before I hit publish! Still laughing!

  6. Marylinn, PJ's make everything much easier but it is indeed much more than that. Plus just the time factor. And between blogs and Facebook, I feel more connected to people than I ever would otherwise. Some friends wonder what in the world people blog for, and why anyone would want to read them. I just love the ordinary. Even when I travel, my primary goal is to simply do ordinary things in extraordinary places.