Tuesday, January 11, 2011

good day today!

T. came in and got some stuff finished and shipped out (money to cover the overdraft!).

We are nearly done with the little in-between orders.

I will get back to (well, actually get started in) my creative retreat after tomorrow.

Lots to do, little time.

My new computer and printer and hard drive and keyboard and trackpad are working GREAT!

Photoshop actually works on this computer, and contrary to what the experts said, it really did not work on the other one. At all.

AND I'm gloating to say: it was not user-error.

I've started working in earnest.


It's snowing in Seattle, and that makes me happy too.

And I'm more tired than usual and will be in bed before midnight for a change.

Not such exciting or interesting posts these days, but such is the glamorous life of an artist-type. I'm diving into the thick of it.



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  1. Glad to read all the components are installed and working...which seems to be the operative word: work. Pleasant snow dreams.