Sunday, January 16, 2011

Never underestimate..

..the value of a good night's sleep.

I woke up this morning, drank my coffee, and assessed my messy, disappointing work.

And then came up with some ideas to improve it, to solve some of the things that weren't working for me.

And made progress!

I am getting closer, but have blown through 100 transparencies, ordered more last week when I realized what was happening but I will have to see what the estimated delivery time is in the morning, as if they aren't scheduled to be delivered by tomorrow I'll need to order some to be shipped next day, at more $$$$, because:

I'm under deadline!

I am happy to finally be in the thick of it.

It's miserable, exciting, scary, hopeful, and... very alive.

And I'm in labor apparently.

I hope I give birth to something wonderful, although this is where the metaphor ends, as actual children are all utterly lovable.

But what I'm doing, well, the fruits of my labor must be an expression of me, and a delight to others. And soon.

No pressure. Nope, none at all.

So I'm hoping a good night of sleep helps take the process another step further.

And I wish YOU ALL good night.

(Oh, and remind me to write about happiness and Bhutan and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I really, really want to write about this but I don't have the brain or focus for it right now.)

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