Saturday, January 22, 2011

nothing of note

Working very late to try to finish production of the "regular lines" fast so that I can get back to work on the new lines.

I'll be asleep by 1:45 I project.

My helpers come in the morning at 10. I'll likely still be in my jammies.

It's pretty intense, and then again, just the usual.

Thinking about "stuff" as I work.

Not just ideas for the new work, not just the swirling reminders to myself like: "order more velcro, don't forget to make price cards this year, order more customer cards, do I still have my order clipboard? Oh yeah, we need samples of (this and that) of the new shapes, oh year, there are still some new shapes that haven't arrived yet so I have to remember to fit them in the the collection when they get here, oh yeah, don't forget you still need to book your flight and make a reservation for an extra night at the hotel, and, oh, you'd better contact your Philly crew so you can post something on Craigs List once you know how many people you need, and how would it look to do a willow vine with tiny blossoms in the delicate line? (and and and...)..."

And then there are other things I think about:

Like: am I going to be working this many hours, this late into the night, for another year?

Not that I don't like doing my work.

But: this many hours, every day, every night, for another year?

I dunno.

But I'm opening my (inner) doors for ideas.

But now is not the time for existential ponderings.

Now is the time to work toward another year of relative job security, such that it is. With the gratefulness that comes with (relative) job security in times like these. In a job I love, in a work environment that I love and am proud to share with my helpers.

But RIGHT now, it's time for sleep.

Good night!

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