Saturday, January 1, 2011

small set-back

Well, small in the grand scheme of things but quite frustrating in present time. I had big computer problems throughout the past week. I started learning Photoshop Elements as a tool at the core of the new work I am wanting to explore. Things got tweaky and wouldn't behave properly even with loading the program so I knew it wasn't operator error. Suffice to say, after 7 trips to the Genius Bar at the Apple store (and yes, not only are they genius's but friendly, kind, patient and relentlessly helpful) I got a new hard drive installed. Then I couldn't retrieve any (any!) data from my external drive (which, after making the mistake of not backing up WAY too many times I now back up every week). Quite a lot of anxiety there, I must say. My entire mailing list (collected over years), all my financials (which I've been paying a bookkeeper to enter each week), all my photos; the professional ones I use to apply for shows, my catalog, etc., the photos I've collected all year for this new work AND of course personal photos. Music I was less concerned about as I have it on my iPod.

And then I sprained my ankle and it got really big and purple.

But it's all better now! I got my data back yesterday (one more trip to the genius bar in the next couple days as my back-up disk is not accepting more data), my ankle should be ready for running and yoga within a week if I keep up the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), and

I felt such relief yesterday that I was grinning at strangers!

I lost a week of my creative time, but what's gone is gone.

Now it's time to dig in.

I've made my first inroads with Photoshop Elements. And I've become aware of just How Many Options there are, and how many ways to use them, and how many ways to try to get to what I want. Yikes. So I have selected a few techniques I want to learn, and once I figure those out I am going to jot step-by-step notes as to how I did it, and, (note to self!) test my idea on some actual glass before I spend all my precious time lost in the virtual possibilities.

2010 kicked me in the ass here at the end, but I like thinking it just was mad it had to leave. I think fondly of the past year, and thank it for it's goodness.

And I welcome the blank slate of 2011 with open arms!

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  1. But it seems to me that the blank slate will very quickly be filled in.....