Tuesday, January 25, 2011

working hard...

...and working very long hours, very diligently.

Trying to finish the representative samples of the regular lines so that I can have a few days to finish development of the new line(s).

And then call my great crew back to produce the samples to present at the show.

Arranged shipping today ($5000+), electricity for my booth ($300+), already got my hotel reservations ($1500=/-). Already paid the booth fee ($3800).

Need to buy my airline ticket, figure out where (for the next couple of months until the (hopefully!) massive number of orders start shipping and paying) the mortgage, insurance, and the money to pay my helpers (and all the other bills we all have) comes from. Thank goodness for a loan from my dear friend.

We are on track (barely, but with... tentative... confidence) to have it all done in the nick of time.

And I think the new work will be fabulous.

Or at least, the very least, good.

In fact, I've had little flutters of excitement that the collection in my booth this year might be the best ever.

This is the nitty-gritty of being a self-employed-single-artist-type-with-a-mortgage.

In a very tough economy.

It's not so pretty, or even (contrary to what I sometimes jokingly claim) glamorous.

But it's my life, and dammit, and I love it.

Good Night!

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