Thursday, January 20, 2011


Woke up this morning, dismayed.

Then looked.

Looked some more.

Thought... huh, maybe a different approach to the color?

Immediately (jammies still on, coffee only half finished) got out the pallet and dabbed fingers in and worked away at it.


The new line is indeed born!

T. came in for work today and confirmed. It's been born. After so long in solitary process I lose perspective, and at this point am ready for, and need someone outside myself to see and respond to it.

Still lots of development to do, and certainly a bunch of refinement.

Then some consolidation of the line, clarifying it's distinction from the other lines in my work, but it's been born.

The rest will be mostly pleasure.

That was, once again, a long haul.

And one hell of a ride!

Now I'm stepping back for a couple of days to make samples of my previous lines for The Show. My whole crew (T., Connie, and Rachel) come back to work tomorrow morning and I need to have some actual production for them to work on.

The past 2-3 weeks have been all about me flailing about here by myself in my obsessed and anxiety-ridden creative retreat.

I'll still be needing more of that time, but I also need to have a representative collection of all of my lines for The Show.

If you have been reading this blog recently you will have gotten the impression it's quite a love/hate relationship. I really do love it, bun damn, It is sooooooo hard.

I think there is tons for me to learn about how to make it less anxiety-ridden, but for that, at least in my current stage of evolution, I need the luxury of time to explore and be able to attend to the process with a subtle eye, ear, and energetic sensibility. This time was weighed down with a panic of time pressure.

No matter. It's always a process from which I learn.

aaaahhhhhhh....., that's the Big Sigh of relief you are hearing.

Good night!

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