Monday, February 21, 2011


All done.

Packed up, three pallets, shrink-wrapped, labeled, bill of lading filled out.

Thank GOODNESS for my awesome Philly crew. Really. What a gift to my heart, soul, spirit... not to mention my mental health and body! I CAN NOT believe I used to do it all myself. Wow. I was a very strong, persistent, and determined FOOL!

But now, all done. Finished with this Big Show.

Show good. All the other artists reported that too.

That's GREAT!

I don't know the numbers yet, as I've been too sick to do anything but get through the days and survive the nights; thrashing about, checking the time, trying to sleep and breathe and not cough. I really hate being sick. Can you tell?

I am feeling better now though, it finally broke. I am coming alive again.

I have the whole day tomorrow to:

sleep. As late as I want. And then even later.

Do paperwork.


Go to museum.


Do more paperwork.

Sleep some more...

We'll see what gets checked off on THIS list.

If I were you, I'd bet bunches of money on the sleep thing...

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