Monday, February 7, 2011

HUGE relief!

and the first hurdle cleared!

3 pallets were loaded, packed, shrink-wrapped, labeled, and labeled again, and again--you see, I have bad memories of an entire show shipment having been forgotten by the shipping company on a loading dock only halfway to the show a few years ago... "sorry ma'am, it's not OUR responsibility" (?!?! then whose responsibility is it? You're the ones I paid over $5000 plus a "time sensitive" rider to...????!)

Sigh. But that's a different story, and in the past, and all done now, thank you very much.

But in the PRESENT time:

the shipment is on it's way to The Show in Philly.

Whew! I felt such a huge relief I had little bubbles of happy in my belly.

I packed the last of the new pieces this morning, still warm from the last minute speed-drying of the paint (yes, in the kitchen oven... the things we do...).

Once we finished (R. and C. came in early) I took us to lunch, and some good bloody mary's, and then home, where I took a nap, woke to sign the bill of lading papers when the truck got here, finished all my reservations for flight and train to NYC where I get to spend a couple days with my dear friend after the show, ordered some supplies I'll need to be delivered to the hotel, and then...

fell asleep on the couch for nap number 2.

And now I woke up just in time to go to bed. Yes, I know it's only 8, but the tiredness of the past days and days has taken over my entire being now that I'm letting go of the adrenalin that kept me going.

I still don't really have any idea of the new line. It went so fast I never got the opportunity to look at all the pieces in peace and quiet. But my gut tells me there are some really lovely pieces there.

It's weird to not even be able to visualize them, that's how much I'm in the dark about it.

This week I'll make some small versions of the new work, a few missing pieces from the other lines, tidy my ridiculously filthy home/factory, do laundry (well, yeah, it's been a while), actually cook something and sit down while eating (deli food, eaten over the sink right out of the container or while on the go lately, I'm sorry to admit), make my catalog for the year, schedule housecleaners to make home a place to look forward to coming home to, figure out the schedule for kitty-care, prep some work for T. to do while I'm gone (if she decides to come back from her vacation Hawaii, and that's a big if, based on the photos, texts, e-mails I've gotten. All on a theme of: "I don't miss Seattle"...). Pack. Get back to running and yoga....

oh yeah, and sanity.

That is a TOTALLY do-able list! I could do it in my sleep, but after my much sleeping today and tonight I suspect I'll be able to do it awake.

SO delicious to have a do-able list to look forward to this week.


good night!

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