Saturday, February 12, 2011

The List

is looking more manageable by the day.

Which is good, as the days are ticking by and there are only 2 left until I leave!

Today I'm working on my catalog, figuring out pricing, figuring out again how to format it in a program I haven't used since last year--as last year I saved it only in PDF, and, come to find out, I can't just update it but need to start from scratch.

It's just a small thing though.

It's just time, and I have (just barely) enough.

I've confirmed my set-up/take-down crew in Philly. I hope anyway so, it's weird hiring people sight unseen from Craig's List, mostly by instinct. I'm never totally sure until they show up--although since 3 of the 5 are returning for yet another year I have confidence. I've been very, very fortunate to meet terrific people, one of whom is my same photographer who will pick up my work at night, photograph it, and get it back to me before the show opens the next morning. Not only a great photographer, but a great guy.

My house is clean, my laundry is done, I've written out a sort-of packing list.

I still need to finish some work and finish the catalog and make price cards.

And arrange for some Tigger-Lou lovin'.

But that feels do-able.

I can't slack, but it's do-able!

OH! And Wendy Rosen (the founder of The Show) wrote on her Facebook page that pre-registration of buyers is up 30% this year.

That certainly bodes well.

That, and the fact that there are no blizzards in the forecast for either Philly or Denver (where I change planes). If you don't know why that's on my mind, go back in this blog and read the entries from a year ago...

Lookin' good!

And folks, that all the news I've got.

Good night!


  1. Will think of you (especially) tomorrow, this time it sounds as if everything might go real smoothly for a change -- best of luck and a great crew, and: it's showtime!!

  2. thanks Eva, still a full day of preparation ahead but the ducks are lining up very nicely. A 3-4 of them still need a bit of herding, but they are at least inside the fence line! xo