Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a little breakdown

I've had a crying morning, disappointed. I have a few nice pieces, and something that crept around the corner of my vision that is simple and beautiful which I will expand upon. But no real new line. Not yet. Probably I'll be going with expansions of my other lines, and see how the "sneaker line" plays out. Odd, how sometimes the best things sneak up while I'm working on something else. Sometimes the best things. So we'll see.

My crew is cheering me on with confidence and fervent encouragement.

This is just one of those inevitable waves.

I've been working so hard; pushing, pushing, pushing.

Pushing too hard, under the pressure of having lost too much time at the beginning to allow the breathing room, silent room, empty room in which to let something grow more in it's own time.

So today I am culling.

There are some absolute "yes's", some absolute "no's" , some maybe's. The maybe's are the hardest.

So I'm going with the absolute yes's today, and the sneaker line (which I'm actually going to call the whisper line when it's done).

Then, I'll look into the maybe's.

Wish me luck.


  1. Melinda -- here's to you. I am continually in awe of your honest account of the personal creative process -- much to be gleaned from your struggles, successes and what you call failures. I am in awe of your existing work, and look forward to any and all new lines. You clearly know and follow your priorities in life -- working your bliss, a life most of us only dream of. Having to create and produce samples of a whole new line or lines in time for a crucial, make-or-break early Feb show seems brutal, so soon after the hectic holiday production time...sending you my heartfelt support, even though we haven't technically met...

  2. Whoops, Melinda, it's really Linda who just commented -- I didn't realize Guy had signed onto this computer earlier...

  3. thank you Linda! It is certainly a ride, and this year even more challenging than usual, given the 2 weeks I lost due to the computer nonsense.