Saturday, February 26, 2011

The long road home

I had such a great time in New York.

Very short, but packed to just the right fullness. I loved being with my friend and her family, I loved the time we spent out on the streets together.

I loved being out on the streets alone!

And I was really inspired by my visits to MOMA and the Guggenheim. For some reason new little tickles of insight visited me. I found myself smiling a lot. I didn't see them as much as beautiful-famous paintings, but kind of was able to see the them a bit in the context of their time. To see through their fame a bit, to the crazy/incredible excitement of freeing up a new way of seeing, perceiving, expressing during that point in history.

Lot's to think about.

I also got to have my ritual treat at my favorite restaurant: Union Square Cafe, and I walked a gazzilion miles.

I said my goodbye's to my friends last night, as I would be out on the street hailing a taxi well before dawn.

Spent 4.5 hours at the airport waiting for a co-pilot, then a 6.5 hour flight to SF, of course having missed my connections. No space on any flight to Seattle today, so I am tucked into a Doubletree Hotel courtesy of United, with a nifty little toiletries bag (but no makeup, and no little airplane bottle of gin, what's up with that?)

So I'll be forced into getting caught up on my rest, and be ready to get to work on all those orders I wrote!

But now I just really want to see my kitty.

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