Thursday, February 17, 2011

long day

but nearly ready.

Philly crew warmed my heart and we got the skeleton up in 4 hours or so.

Then I spent the next 7 hours alone "fluffing", staging, arranging, displaying, putting out price cards, etc., etc.

I'm always astonished at how long that takes.

And still, after all that,

I need to go in early tomorrow morning to clean up all the glass (fingerprints! smudges! T. would shriek!), and arrange some fresh flowers, and make some of the price cards more clear.

But it's up. The booth. The work. The lights.

And: It's good.

I've been writing with such hesitation about my new line. Wondering, doubting, wondering.

When I saw it unpacked today, then arranged under lights, I think it's the best ever.

Some of the things I thought might be ho-hum actually look amazing!

I'm so pleased.

My Philly-crew was already putting their names on stuff they want to buy at the end of the show, and were most taken with the new.

Cool. They are the first to see it, outside of "us", so that gives me confidence too.

And now, some photos! (as always, click on photo to see larger...)

Last night the bar was full. What was I doing? Working, of course!

Sweet/sad: one man talked with me a bit, wistfully commenting that I am "living the dream". He told me he was a ceramic artist, but now works in the pharmaceutical industry. Wife, and kids. Wistful. I reminded him he has financial security and benefits. Cost and benefit to every choice.

But he still looked wistful and sad.

This morning, I walked into the booth space to this. SO much potential! SOOOOO many hours to fruition!

And then, after cutting away the layers of shrink wrap, I was reminded of the thoughtful and careful little things my crew does to make sure everything is ok:

Rachel and Connie clumped bubble wrap over some little pokey-uppy points, to make sure they were well protected in the shipment. That may not seem like much, but it is..., it is...
And then there is that incorrigible T., who can't leave words well enough alone. Nope. Not even when she's doing something so mundane as labeling boxes to be included in the shipment to Philly:

and then there is this:

After a very, very long day.

Yes, I'll probably take some shots of the booth in it's dressed-up-for-the-ball costume tomorrow. I was too tired and dirty and all my fingernails were too broken for such fancy stuff today....

But tomorrow:




  1. Hi Melinda - as always, you and your team of wonderful women impress no end. Here's to your show in Philly (and in all T's versions thereof!). . . may it all go spectacularly. Love, Claire