Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm in The City!

I can't believe how happy I feel.

I got off the train yesterday, caught a cab, got to my friends home, and the moment I walked in I felt happy and "at home"!

Without further ado, Danielle and I hit the streets, and BANG! I was in New York.

Kind of a dizzying transition, I had barely opened my eyes from a long, long (metaphorical) sleep which was the past few... weeks? And to suddenly wake up without warning on the streets of New York...

Well, I felt almost giddy!

I kept telling D. how happy I felt; to be walking around with her (we haven't spent any time together in, why, it must be 2 years?

I felt immediately at home, we made dinner together as if we did it every day.

I went to sleep happy and woke up with a smile, little bubbles of excitement in my belly.


No more for now, Danielle is hard at work under a tight deadline and I am hitting the streets on my own today. My favorite thing to do in New York. I will likely get my boots fixed, do some "product research", maybe I'll get uptown to Moma or the Met.

I'll stop someplace along the way for lunch, and no doubt indulge my ritual of a cocktail and appetizer at my favorite restaurant: Union Square Cafe. Last year when I was here, so sick, I didn't do ANY of those things, and didn't even really get to spend time with my friends. I just slept the whole time. This time I intend to make up for it, even in just a couple days.

Gotta go, there's a city to see!


  1. Fun fun fun! Bet you wish you could stay longer, with buckets of cash. Alas. Enjoy it while you can! If you go to MOMA say hi to Jackson for me.

  2. Yes indeed. yes, indeed.
    And Jackson said to say hi to you.