Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still workin' the list:

Actually managed to get up at 3am? Check.

Cab came on time and delivered me (dozing) to SeaTac on time? Check.

Got 3 quarts of water for plane & first night in hotel? Check.

Drank Bloody Mary on plane and dozed while listening to mbira? Check.

Survive flight and change planes in Denver (although nearly missed connecting flight because of severe space-out)? CheckE

Get to Philly? Check.

Arrange for lost luggage to be delivered to hotel? Check.

Check in at hotel?


Martini, tuna tartare, mussels all for $5 each in hotel bar? Check.

Sleep a gazzilion hours? Check.

Sleep a few more hours? Check.

Workout on the treadmill 40 minutes this morning? Check!

Make 100 copies of catalog? Check.

Make up price cards? Check.

Go to exhibitor Services to buy badges for crew? Check.

Make sure my big shipment has arrived? CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually FIND liquor store and buy wine for booth to serve buyers and artist-neighbors, and gin for hotel room? Check.

Find the cool Reading Market (yeah, right across from the Convention Center, but still...) and buy snacks for set-up? Check.

Find 7-11 and buy a gazzilion bottles of S.Pellegrino for me to drink in my booth? Check. (last year I drank 3 liters water a day and never peed a single time during the show. Convention Center Air).

NOT get lost a single time today? Check! (and for those who know me, that's significant!).

Lost (and fortunately good people had my back): wallet, credit card, room key. Check. (shame face, gratitude face)

Kept my head attached. Major Check. At least that.

Arrange for my pre-shipping (Amazon supplies) and late delivered luggage to be brought from hotel storage to my room? Check.

Back to hotel in time for happy hour? Check.

Crew notified about logistics for set-up tomorrow? Check.

"The usual" happy hour fare consumed? Check.

And now I'm folding the little tent-shaped price cards for my display, while sitting in the bar (free wi fi) and listening to live jazz.

And sipping my martini, which I ordered AFTER I ate plenty, as I kinda forgot to eat all day and I know enough to NOT drink a martini on an empty stomach...

Not bad, not bad at all.

OH! and a peculiar thing. Somehow all of us artists/craft persons have an uncanny ability to simply know each other, to recognize each other in a crowd. Weird. At the airport, in the elevator, on the street, in the stores.... with blunt confidence I've been asked, with NO prelude, "have you set up yet? what do you do? where's your booth?" So I started doing the same thing. We don't look that different from anyone else, at least I don't think so (well, there's my hair, but still... that doesn't explain the others). I think it's interesting. Kind of an artdar, versus a radar.

Alright, back to folding my little tent cards and my martini.

Oh! And did you know that actually DOING a show, the actual BEING here, is a billion times easier and less stressful than preparing for it? I just have ONE task. Do the show. That's it.

I love it.

I'm not stressed in the least.

Busy, but not stressed.

Ok. Now I think I'm done with you.

Bye now!

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