Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writers cramp

from rewriting so many illegible order forms. Well, illegible to anyone but me.

And then I had to look up all the prices (no, I certainly do not have them memorized. I just worked them out before the show!)

And then split large orders into three separate orders as requested in some cases.

And then re-count to be sure the number of pieces added up correctly.

And the double-check prices and total all the categories.

And then run downstairs to get dinner at happy-hour prices.

And then come back to the room to do a final tally.


Looks like job security for another year!!!

How is it possible to be so broke I wonder how I'll get through the month, and yet confident of the year ahead?

Well, it seems I am learning the definition of cash flow.

And for those of you betting types: I did WAY more paperwork than napping today (I lost that bet too),


I wonder what the odds are in the race between me finally getting a handle on managing my finances so that I'm NOT broke and in debt next year at this time... Or will it be the same? I suppose an odds-maker type person would say, based on history, that history will simply continue repeating itself.

But I have been getting better at it, little by little, so I'm going to wager my two bits on the side of coming back from the shows solvent and able to order materials and pay my mortgage and helpers.

It will require that I continue working very diligently, but I've certainly proven I can do that.

And I DID raise my prices a smidge. It had become clear that it's not just about working harder, not just about making better decisions, not just about to be working all (yes, ALL) the time, not just about making really lovely things that actally do sell in the marketplace...

But the price has to encompass the cost.

I have some old programming to overcome. Something that keeps me from believing I can have...


I'll be working on that this year!

I'm betting I can do it.

Tomorrow morning i'll pack up and catch the train to New York, to visit my friends there!

Good night.

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