Sunday, March 20, 2011

layers and layers

I remember 9/11 in New York.

I was there.

Utter, enormous forces of ... well, there's no word I can think of to describe the enormity.

And at the very same time there were all the other layers:

the emotions, the fear, the chaos, the shock, the horror.

And the pragmatic:

"am I safe? can I help? what's going to happen?"

And yet other layers:

"what's for dinner? Are any restaurants open?"

And after a couple of days: "what shall we do? go for a walk? go to the Met?"

And then: "well, I may as well look at some shoes/try some New York Cheesecake/..."

Enormous things happening in the world just now. Barely imaginable, even with the help (?) of images and images.

Big things happen every day, somewhere.

The dramas of Life, living itself.

I'm not expressing myself well here, but I'm feeling aware of so many layers of existence, of experience.

And thinking that it sometimes seems wrong to go around fussing about our little daily fusses.

But it's not, it's not. It's just one of the layers we live on. It's the way it works.

It is an odd complexity of tones to continually embody with harmony and grace.


To do the little, while living the big.


  1. Au contraire, Ma'am: this is really a lovely piece.

  2. You expressed yourself very well...these are questions to which the only answers are personal and unique. If we could save anyone from suffering by foregoing dinner, not getting a haircut, not acknowledging a birthday, we would do so. Going about ordinary life in the midst of chaos can be affirming or self-involved...I think our hearts tell us which.