Sunday, May 1, 2011

my relationship (s) with the weather

It's sunny today!

I actually love all kinds of weather.

I am often so relieved to have the rain.
Rain makes me feel so soft and safe, all wrapped up in a cozy nest. Soothed, comforted.

Big thunder and lightening are exhilarating for me. I want to be out IN it. When I was a kid on the island I would nestle myself between big driftwood logs on the beach and just watch & breathe it in.

Big wind makes me want to be out in the gusts, to feel the power of it push against my body. When I was at the ocean last fall there was a huge storm with around 90-100 mph wind. I went running on the beach. Into the wind, I was at (what seemed like) a 45 degree angle, and running WITH the wind I had to lean back like a drum major to not be blown onto my face.

I remember in college a particular storm during which I ran to the top of a big hill and danced in that wind. I came home to the dorm, opened the big window and hung leaves I had gathered from the woods from the ceiling with thread, and played Carmina Burana at top volume.

So FULL of it I wanted to burst forth from my body.

I loved it.

Today the sun is out, the air is warm, I went for a little walk to the store and was thinking about the differences I feel in the sun vs. in the rain.

In the rain my spirit is contracted, pulled way in, and curled up tight like a napping kitten. Cozy and safe.

In the sun my spirit expands, the molecules of my self seem to disperse forever, and I feel a lightness, an openness, and a sort of transparency.

The differences are so striking.

Today is a day full of light, lightness, and sweetness.


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