Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They're HERE!!!!

I finally got the photos of the new work back from the photographer, my assistant T. and I got chills as we saw them for the first time this morning, and we both commented that "but the work is even SO much better now than when these photos were taken!" That's inevitable, as each piece is done individually and as these are the first pieces ever made in this line we (and they) continue to grow and develop in complexity and subtlty. Please do click on them to see them larger!

So without further ado:

This is one of the new "forest" vases

Hare here is a grouping of them:

and here is a rose vase (I tend to call them "grandma roses" as my grandma always loved roses and I have a painting she did of some in my kitchen)

and a grouping:

and this is what I call "canopy tree", because I remember taking the original photo looking up into the tree from the shade below:

Hhere is a collection of "grass" and "sumac":

and here are some "treeberry" and "anenomy":

and last, but certainly not least are the new "whisper" martini, wine, and tumblers:


  1. Very nice! Of course I now have lots of questions for you. Among them, do show your work locally? Is there a matching stirring pitcher for the whisper martini glasses? How tall are the tallest vases? I'll stop with those ...

  2. What a joy to see your new work! You must be so excited -- what did you bring your mom for her birthday?
    Thinking of you and your family celebrating -- we'll toast you all tonight!
    Cheers, Eva and Joerg

  3. MELINDA!!!!!! ITS NOLAN, i love your new vases i found one while unpacking at the new house, love you