Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 4

Today T. took all the orders and added them up... and it was WAY more than I had thought! YAY! Although there have been long stretches of boredom, the orders have accumulated. I had no idea. And my primary goal with this show was to generate new accounts--and that has certainly happened. It's all very good.

After the show T. and I went to a restaurant recommended by a fellow exhibitor and I got to have major fun flirting with 2 handsome men. Oh dear, it's been too long...

What else? Just tired. As I wrote before: shows are exhausting and kind of exhilarating all at once. It's a GREAT pleasure to see all my current customers and to meet new ones, it's a pleasure and a great benefit to sit in my booth and look at my work... something I never get to do in the regular process of production and shipping. It allows me to think of improvements and new lines, so the down time between orders is not always so dull. I can feel ideas generating.

It's only 9pm, but I can feel the draw of trash TV and a very comfortable bed... so:

Good night!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 3...

...of the New York International Gift Show. With a focus on INTERNATIONAL because I wrote my first international order to Japan! Fun.

Also, (and especially in light of all the discussion about the fact that most of the "stuff" we buy and use and furnish our lives with comes from China) a Chinese company approached me about exporting my work to high-end clientele in China. Huh.

Maybe I wrote that last time, but I'm kind of grooving on the international aspect of it all. Just kind of trippy, you know?

This is a different sort of show. I am accustomed to people just coming into my booth and ordering. At this show it seems people aren't used to ordering from artist-types, and I don't feel adequately prepared. I am seeing I REALLY need a basic website, and my catalog is laughable (and did indeed elicit some laughs from the Japanese buyers...). So. Lots of growing still to do.

And ALL of my current customers are coming by looking for new work. Oh Lordy, I hope it will manifest before the Philly show. This show came so early I didn't get my usual (and necessary!) time for creative retreat. Sigh.

And that's all the news from me for tonight--I wonder if anything is happening in the larger world?

Sleep well...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shows are:

stressful, exhausting, anxiety-provoking and....

also really fun!

I love seeing current customers, and I love meeting new ones. I love seeing all my work under the lights, all together. I never see it like that if not at a show.

The shipment got here, late, but here and T. and I got it set up and looking fabulous.

The first day, today, went really well and I have high hopes for the next 4 days. The NYIGF is different in some ways from other shows. Types of buyers I haven't experienced. One is a Chinese woman here in USA wanting to export high-end work to China. Now that's an interesting change. Another has a Facebook business. Is actually partnered with Facebook and Twitter. I don't know what to think about either, they are new entities in my mind that I'm curious about.

I took T. to my favorite NY restaurant for her Christmas gift and we had a magnificent feast. It remains my favorite, and may have become hers as well.

Right now, a martini at my side, day one over with, and soon, very soon, to bed. On a feather bed with a down comforter and some kind of really nice sheets. Now that this first day is over I may actually sleep well in such comfort!

Good night...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


...and ready to go.

New York International Gift Show here we come.

It was a real back and forth process deciding to do the show, but for a variety of reasons it felt, in the end, like the right thing to do. A major financial risk, but that seems to be the name of my game.

T. is coming with me!

I'll be in NYC for a little more than a week, then home for a week, then to Philly for THAT show. Busy busy.

We had a big (for the pacific northwest) snow/ice storm this last week and the pallets were all shrink-wrapped and tarped at the street ready for the shippers to pick up. Turns out they wouldn't come up the hill to my house so they sat out there on the street for a week. Finally went out on Monday and with luck will make it to the show on Friday in time for T. and I to set up in a few hours, vs. the 2 days I'd planned for.

Being a self-employed artist type requires some flexibility and willingness to put ones head down and get the job done.

And that's just what T. and I have done for the past 3 weeks. Amazing what we've accomplished!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My mother told me to...

She told me to start writing here again. In no uncertain terms.

Well, since I ALWAYS (!) do what my mother tells me to do, I'm here.

I quit writing because I thought I had nothing to say. My life goes along; work, sleep, eat, walk... but within the context of those few things there is a Life going on. The fact that I don't remember much about the past few months tells that I've been working hard, yes, but also a more important point: I want to acknowledge that I have been kind of sleep-walking, not paying attention to the details, the subtleties, the nuances that breathe Life into life.

My New Years resolution is to pay more attention. Be more present, acknowledge the moments that add up to days, weeks, months, years....

And I suspect if I do that, I'll have something to say again.

Wishing you all Love and Light... and Presence in this new year.