Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 3...

...of the New York International Gift Show. With a focus on INTERNATIONAL because I wrote my first international order to Japan! Fun.

Also, (and especially in light of all the discussion about the fact that most of the "stuff" we buy and use and furnish our lives with comes from China) a Chinese company approached me about exporting my work to high-end clientele in China. Huh.

Maybe I wrote that last time, but I'm kind of grooving on the international aspect of it all. Just kind of trippy, you know?

This is a different sort of show. I am accustomed to people just coming into my booth and ordering. At this show it seems people aren't used to ordering from artist-types, and I don't feel adequately prepared. I am seeing I REALLY need a basic website, and my catalog is laughable (and did indeed elicit some laughs from the Japanese buyers...). So. Lots of growing still to do.

And ALL of my current customers are coming by looking for new work. Oh Lordy, I hope it will manifest before the Philly show. This show came so early I didn't get my usual (and necessary!) time for creative retreat. Sigh.

And that's all the news from me for tonight--I wonder if anything is happening in the larger world?

Sleep well...


  1. Mary, what is the best way to order and purchase your work? There is a glass set that I adore and want!

  2. Hi Tara, you can just e-mail me if you want something... no problem! Thanks for your appreciation!