Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 4

Today T. took all the orders and added them up... and it was WAY more than I had thought! YAY! Although there have been long stretches of boredom, the orders have accumulated. I had no idea. And my primary goal with this show was to generate new accounts--and that has certainly happened. It's all very good.

After the show T. and I went to a restaurant recommended by a fellow exhibitor and I got to have major fun flirting with 2 handsome men. Oh dear, it's been too long...

What else? Just tired. As I wrote before: shows are exhausting and kind of exhilarating all at once. It's a GREAT pleasure to see all my current customers and to meet new ones, it's a pleasure and a great benefit to sit in my booth and look at my work... something I never get to do in the regular process of production and shipping. It allows me to think of improvements and new lines, so the down time between orders is not always so dull. I can feel ideas generating.

It's only 9pm, but I can feel the draw of trash TV and a very comfortable bed... so:

Good night!

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