Saturday, January 7, 2012

My mother told me to...

She told me to start writing here again. In no uncertain terms.

Well, since I ALWAYS (!) do what my mother tells me to do, I'm here.

I quit writing because I thought I had nothing to say. My life goes along; work, sleep, eat, walk... but within the context of those few things there is a Life going on. The fact that I don't remember much about the past few months tells that I've been working hard, yes, but also a more important point: I want to acknowledge that I have been kind of sleep-walking, not paying attention to the details, the subtleties, the nuances that breathe Life into life.

My New Years resolution is to pay more attention. Be more present, acknowledge the moments that add up to days, weeks, months, years....

And I suspect if I do that, I'll have something to say again.

Wishing you all Love and Light... and Presence in this new year.


  1. ... Doing ... or paying attention to life's nuances? Do the doing, I think that's more important.

  2. ...And doing a helluva lot more doing than in previous years, if I may say so!

    Glad to see you back to the blog.

  3. Thanks for your comments Bill & T., after all this time it's amazing anyone would still even look at my blog! And as for the doing, I'm guessing you are both suggesting doing more than working, eh? Because I DO a lot of that...