Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shows are:

stressful, exhausting, anxiety-provoking and....

also really fun!

I love seeing current customers, and I love meeting new ones. I love seeing all my work under the lights, all together. I never see it like that if not at a show.

The shipment got here, late, but here and T. and I got it set up and looking fabulous.

The first day, today, went really well and I have high hopes for the next 4 days. The NYIGF is different in some ways from other shows. Types of buyers I haven't experienced. One is a Chinese woman here in USA wanting to export high-end work to China. Now that's an interesting change. Another has a Facebook business. Is actually partnered with Facebook and Twitter. I don't know what to think about either, they are new entities in my mind that I'm curious about.

I took T. to my favorite NY restaurant for her Christmas gift and we had a magnificent feast. It remains my favorite, and may have become hers as well.

Right now, a martini at my side, day one over with, and soon, very soon, to bed. On a feather bed with a down comforter and some kind of really nice sheets. Now that this first day is over I may actually sleep well in such comfort!

Good night...

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