Thursday, February 2, 2012

all done!

T. and I tore the booth down last night in a mere 5 hours. Pretty exhausted, we just put out heads down and worked well together.

Then a martini (or two) and snack back at the hotel, where a man at the bar talked us up and disclosed that he is a bond trader and a one-percenter. Interesting. Pretty clueless about the reality of broke artist-types, and we were not accusative in the least, simply interested in his reality. It was pretty darn interesting. He bought us our second round and was wet-eyed telling us about his son who has autism. Something money can't cure.

In other news, I feel that I am being stalked by a next stage of growth; something to do with confidence. For so long I've identified myself as "just a girl who makes pretty things in her house--how nice that you like them too"... something like that. I make hand written catalogs, no website... a belief (not particularly untrue) that I can't afford it, that I don't really need it. I'm not really getting to the point, sorry, it's still too vague in my own mind. But I need to have the confidence to take my little business more seriously. Get real catalogs made. A website. I wish I could describe better what it feels like. But it's a feeling of being nudged into more confidence and growth.

And now I'm going to finish my coffee and go spend a day with my friend before I fly home tomorrow!

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